ASML's architects ASML's architects
ASML's architects ASML's architects
ASML's Architects
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2ND EDITION AVAILABLE - ASML's Architects is the first full history of ASML's bumpy road, from the early lithography research at Philips Research in the 60s to ASML's public offering in 1995.


ISBN 9789082707427

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ASML’s Architects

How do you transform a hopeless research and business activity into a billion-dollar machine and a world-leading company? The Dutch enterprise ASML pulled it off, and the book ASML’s Architects by renowned technology writer René Raaijmakers reveals exactly how.

 ASML’s Architects         

In the 1980s the American heavyweights Perkin-Elmer and GCA came under incredible fire from their Japanese competitors Canon and Nikon in the chip lithography market. As a result, the US lost its two-decade monopoly on this key technology, which is the driving force behind Moore’s law.

Meanwhile, an obscure, inconsequential lithography company in the Netherlands was taking its first steps. This company, ASML, is now an unparalleled success. It is the world’s biggest and most profitable machinery manufacturer for the chipmaking industry. With a market share of 70 to 80 percent, ASML has been leaving Canon and Nikon in the lithographic dust for years.

In ASML’s Architects René Raaijmakers returns to the birthplace of the wafer stepper and the roots of ASML’s stunning global success. He chronicles the engineers’ all-consuming race to surpass the rest, providing a vivid window into the unique culture that spawned the world’s finest chipmaking technology: the all-or-nothing, go-for-the-gold mindset that still permeates ASML.

Please take a look at the introduction and some chapters from ASML’s Architects at the tab above named Extra's. Or click on Reviews to explore some reviews by readers. Or read the full review by Mike Maynard from Napier.

Author René Raaijmakers
Language American English
Pages 664
Format Hardcover
Published November 26, 2018

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Wim Steenbergen - 30-03-2020 10:57

Particularly easy-to-read history of one of the global technology champions of the moment. A history that begins in the early 1970s, but only shows the first successes in the 1980s and in the years zero to an absolute market leader leads. Fascinating especially the roles of people and their characters, which at many times have given the deciding factor in achieving that result. Top inspiration for anyone interested in innovation and the role of people in it.

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Wim Rhebergen - 23-11-2018 09:15

Als oud (80) ondernemer en aandeelhouder van ASML en ASMI ben ik geïnteresseerd in de achtergrond en ontstaan van ASML. Als iemand met een elektrotechnische achtergrond heb ik enig idee waar over men praat.
Ik heb het boek binnen een week bijna uitgelezen.Het is een boeiend verhaal,goed geschreven, met korte hoofdstukken die steeds weer uitnodigen om nog maar een hoofdstuk te lezen. Elke ASML-aandeelhouder zou het moeten lezen.

René van der Meer, Lead Technologist Océ - 14-11-2018 06:17

The book Architects of ASML is very well written and gives useful insights how to innovate and maybe even more how not to. Thanks for writing this excellent book René Raaijmakers.

ASML has become great by keeping thinking great under all circumstances. Other companies would probably not have survived all the economical and technical challenges. It makes me personally proud that ASML is a Dutch company.

Mike Maynard - 05-11-2018 16:40

We have been kindly given some early proofs of the book to take a look at, and were hugely impressed by the honest storytelling, readable style and comprehensive research. Journalists tend to be a rather cynical bunch, yet it was clear that Rene was surprised by the rise and rise of ASML. A Dutch company, launched at the time when Philips was seen as the jewel in the Netherland’s technology crown, decided to take on companies like Canon and Nikon that dominated the industry and could bring incredible resources to compete with startups like ASML.
Despite being a long read, the book is incredibly entertaining, and we’d strongly recommend it as a Christmas present: not just to geeks, but anyone who is interested in technology and loves a good story.