Fortunes of High Tech
Fortunes of High Tech - A history of innovation at ASM International 1958 - 2008
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Fortunes of High Tech explores the dynamics behind the greatest high-tech innovation: the computer chip, developed by ASM International.


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High-tech innovations have been propelling the Digital Revolution since the end of the Second World War. These advances were not self-evident, but actively pursued by many. A global playing field of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, investors, public officials, and consumers stimulated inventiveness for commercial, intellectual, social, and political reasons. 
This book explores this dynamic of high-tech innovation by looking at the machinations behind the Digital Revolution. Literally. Technologies developed by the Dutch semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASM International culminated in the linchpin of the Digital Revolution – the computer chip. 
Chaired by its illustrious founder and long-time chief executive officer Arthur del Prado, ASM International has been innovating and anticipating technologies across the globe since the early beginnings of the semiconductor industry in 1958. The story of ASM International is a history full of achievements, disappointments, defining innovations, strategic lessons, and strong personalities. It shows the fortunes of high-tech innovation.

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Auteur   Jorijn van Duijn
Taal   Amerikaans-Engels
Aantal pagina's   952
Verschijningsvorm   Softcover
Verschijningsdatum   23 november 2019


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