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Vacuum Science and Technology covers all relevant and up-to-date knowledge for anyone who works in research, instrumentation, development or production of vacuum technology.
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New international edition of Dutch standard work ‘Basisboek Vacuümtechniek’

The book ‘Vacuum Science and Technology’ is a brand-new international edition of the Dutch standard work ‘Basisboek Vacuumtechniek’, first published in 2000 by the Dutch Vacuum Society NEVAC. This volume has since proven to be a real “bestseller” on vacuum physics and technology in the Dutch language region. In the new English edition, released by The High Tech Institute and Settels Savenije van Amelsvoort, The Netherlands, the main author Bert Suurmeijer, PhD with co-authors Theo Mulder, BSc and Jan Verhoeven, PhD have included all currently relevant knowledge for everybody who works in vacuum-based research, instrumentation, development, production or business.

An excellent reference work

The book ‘Vacuum Science and Technology’ may indeed be characterized as a new standard reference work covering the complete field of vacuum physics and technology. The setup is modern in the sense that literature references in the book text are missing. This is because the authors consider the internet nowadays as a useful, ever-renewing and expanding source of information. After all, tekst references are currently aging quite quickly (or: faster) and to the author’s opinion will moreover disturb the readability of the book to some extent. Important updates are added on vacuum pumps, pressure measurement, ion sources, gas spectrum analysis, leak detection and cleaning and working discipline. As such the book will be a valuable resource for researchers, engineers, maintenance staff and sales managers alike. Throughout the volume, both basic physics and present day technology receive ample attention.

A unique multi-purpose course manual

The book ‘Vacuum Science and Technology’ is not only an excellent reference work but also useful as a flexible text book with a unique graded structure. Text meant for high graduates is placed behind margin lines. Omitting this text gives a textbook for middle graduates. Both with and without the margin texts the volume shows the desired internal coherence for the associated training level. Exercises are included in two degrees of difficulty. The clear layout makes the book perfectly suitable for (combined) higher as well as secondary level training. The book is written by three Dutch specialists in vacuum physics and technology and former lecturers in this field. They all three are honorary members of the Dutch Vacuum Society NEVAC. Educators, students and course participants will experience the book as a balanced synthesis of ‘in-depth’ vacuum physics and modern practice.

Authors Bert Suurmeijer, Theo Mulder, Jan Verhoeven
Language English
Number of pages 728
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 19x24 cm

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