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Article 1: Definitions

In these general conditions the following terms have the following meanings:

  1. Customer: the natural or legal person whom has a purchase agreement with Techwatch Books B.V.. 

  2. Techwatch Books B.V.: publisher, Techwatch Books B.V., established in Nijmegen, Chamber of Commerce number 67655777, VAT number NL857113082B01

  3. Purchase agreement: the agreement between Techwatch Books B.V. and customer regarding a purchased product by customer.

  4. Purchased product: a product that the customer has ordered from and paid to Techwatch Books B.V.

Article 2: General

  1. Unless agreed otherwise, these General Terms and Conditions apply to all purchase agreements between Techwatch and the customer. When committing to a purchase agreement, the customer accepts these General Terms and Conditions.

  2. The rights and/or obligations of the customer cannot be transferred to a third party, unless agreed in writing in advance with Techwatch Books B.V..

  3. If it appears afterwards that the customer has not truthfully completed a purchase request, Techwatch Books B.V. will still send an invoice for the purchased product. 

Article 3: Deals, offers and acceptance 

  1. The purchase agreement is concluded via the website or e-mail. 

  2. Techwatch Books B.V. is entitled, without giving any reason, to refuse a request to enter into a purchase agreement.

  3. You can conclude a new purchase agreement throughout the year. 

Article 4: Pricing policy

  1. The VAT rate applies to all products. Product prices on the website include VAT, unless stated otherwise.

  2. Techwatch Books B.V. can adjust the prices of the products annually.  

  3. If the adress of delivery of the purchased product gives rise to additional costs, Techwatch Books B.V. is entitled to charge these costs to the member. 

Artikel 5: Billing and payment

  1. The product price must be paid in advance. The invoice is drawn up after the product has been sent. 

  2. Payment must be made within the payment term. This period always expires on the fourteenth (14th) day after the invoice date. 

  3. Every product will be invoiced by Techwatch Books B.V. separately to the customer, unless parties have agreed otherwise. 

  4. If payment arrears occur, Techwatch Books B.V. is entitled to suspend (further) receipt of products. Suspension of sending the products will never result in the customer being relieved of his contractual (payment) obligations.

  5. The absence of an invoice as referred to in Article 5.1 or 5.2 does not lead to lapse of any right. Techwatch Books B.V. may repair errors or other defects in the invoice and debit or credit the invoice accordingly within twelve (12) months after the invoice has been sent to the customer, regardless of whether the invoice has already been paid.

Article 6: Delivery and addressing 

  1. Techwatch Books B.V. is not responsible for incorrectly filling in the order form. If it appears that the purchased product is not delivered correctly due to incorrect filling in of data by the customer, Techwatch Books B.V. cannot be held liable for this.

  2. Techwatch Books B.V. does its utmost to deliver the ordered product as soon as possible after ordering. If the product cannot be delivered correctly due to force majeure, Techwatch Books B.V. cannot be held liable for this.

  3. Complaints regarding delivery do not entitle the customer to suspend payment in whole or in part.

  4. Techwatch Books B.V. is in no way liable for any (consequential) damage that the customer suffers or could suffer due to no or late delivery of the purchased products.

  5. The customer is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the products purchased if the products are not delivered by Techwatch Books B.V. or the relevant shipping company due to a force of majeure situation that makes delivery impossible. 

  6. Inaccuracies in the addressing or attribution of the customer must be reported to Techwatch Books B.V. as soon as possible. 

Article 7: Personal Data Protection Act

  1. The (personal) data of the customer of Techwatch Books B.V. will be included in a database, which will be used for the execution of the purchase agreement, as well as for informing the customer about relevant services and products of Techwatch Books B.V., or by Techwatch Books B.V. carefully selected third parties. This will be done in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and the type of membership of the customer. 



You are visiting a website that is part of the online network of Techwatch Books B.V.. This privacy statement and cookie policy applies to all of its websites.

Privacy statement

Please refer to the Privacy statement (Dutch only) of Techwatch.

Modification of Privacy Statement
Techwatch Books B.V. reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. Techwatch Books B.V. advises you to regularly check this Privacy Statement for any changes that have been made.

The websites of Techwatch Books B.V. use cookies and web statistics. We do this to see how a visitor uses the site and, if necessary, to adjust the website and content. On the website of Techwatch Books B.V. the following types of cookies are used:

•    Cookies for statistical purposes. We use Google analytics to analyze visitor numbers and adapt the website to the user.
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If you do not want cookies to be placed you can easily disable cookies via your browser. You can find out how to do this in the help function of your browser. 

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If you order something in our webshop, your order, personal data and, for example, account number will be sent via a secure page, so that others cannot view your data. Necessary information such as amount the purchase, currency and payment method are stored. Additional information such as first name, last name and address details are only used if necessary for the processing of the payment.
In addition to these customer details, the account details are also stored separately with the payment provider for a bank transfer. This is necessary for Techwatch Books B.V. to facilitate a chargeback. This data is stored in the database and is not visible to Techwatch Books B.V.. Lastly, the IP address is also recorded and possibly used for anti-fraud purposes.
From the payment provider, all data will be treated confidentially. The data contained in the database will in no way be sold or rented to third parties.
When payment is processed, only the necessary information is provided to the financial institution. This is always done according to the security regulations and protocols set by the relevant financial institution, such as a https: // connection.


You have the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement within 14 days without giving any reason.
During this period, you can do what is reasonably necessary to assess the product. You are allowed to try the product as you would in a physical store. In addition, you can remove the product from the packaging, unless the packaging contains a seal. If you have done more than was necessary to try the product, we can charge you for it. The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day on which you, or a third party designated by you other than the carrier, received the product. If you have ordered multiple goods with different delivery times in one order, the withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day on which you received the last product or part. The moment you have agreed on a regular delivery of products with us, the withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day on which you or a third party designated by you physically receives the first product. To make use of your right of withdrawal, we request you to send us an email at, containing the completed model text for withdrawal (see below). You must return the products within 14 days after sending the email.

We request to return the product in the original packaging (as much as possible).

After you have made use of your right of withdrawal, you will receive all payments, including any delivery costs for the forwarding, within ten days. We will refund you with the same payment method with which you paid, unless you agreed on using another method. You bear the costs for the return shipment. We estimate that these costs will not exceed € 24.00 (for international returns from countries outside Europe).

Exclusion of right of withdrawel
The right of withdrawal is excluded for business customers.

Model text for withdrawal
(only complete the text below and return it to if you wish to withdraw from the agreement)

Techwatch Books B.V.
Kerkenbos 1001
6546 BB Nijmegen

I/We* hereby inform you that my/our* agreement concerning
•    the sale of the following goods:
•    the delivery of the following digital content:
•    revoke / revoke the provision of the following service:

Ordered on* / Received on*:

Name/Names consumer(s):

Adress consumer(s):

Signature of consumer(s) (only if this form is submitted on paper):


(*) Strike out what does not apply