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Bits&Chips magazine ASML-special 2023 | 40-year anniversary
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In this collaborative publication of Bits&Chips and ASML, we look ahead to the 40-year anniversary of the Dutch tech gigant in 2024. Please note: volume discount is applied automatically.
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In this collaborative publication of Bits&Chips and ASML, we look ahead to the 40-year anniversary of the Dutch tech gigant in 2024

On 15 December 2023, Bits&Chips is publishing a special magazine (in English), celebrating the 40-year anniversary of ASML in 2024. In this special, our Bits&Chips editors highlight the latest developments, both the technological advancements (high-NA, e-beam metrology, integrated photonics) and the organizational aspects (labor market, ecosystem, sustainability).

The ASML special features:

  • CEO Peter Wennink reflecting on his 20+ years at the company
  • Leadership profile of CTO Martin van den Brink
  • Pushing the boundaries: an in-depth look at ASML’s high-NA scanners, the next-generation EUV tools expected to be launched this year
  • Case studies from ASML’s illustrious supply network
  • Backgrounders with top experts on the engineering disciplines that make ASML tick: system engineering, mechatronics, software and electronics
  • A look at the major challenges that lie ahead: keeping the CMOS roadmap going, transitioning to sustainable semiconductor manufacturing and managing growth
Indication: 112 full-color A4 pages, including soft cover (magazine)

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Mathilde van Hulzen - 29-01-2024 12:05

Dear Yousef Bani Ahmad,

Thank you for your review. I am so sorry to hear that our shipping rate prevents you from ordering the ASML-special.
Unfortunately, many parcels to the US go missing after crossing the border or arrive damaged. So we send them with track&trace, insured and as registered mail. For this reason, our rate for shipments to the USA is 35 euros with postal mail. This takes about 2-4 weeks to arrive. We do not ship with a faster service like DHL because their US rate starts at 57 euros for envelopes up to 500 gram.
All customer stories in the ASML-special are also available on the Bits&Chips website, and the editorial articles will be published on this website as well during this year. You can read them for free on Please use the search query box on top of our home page to get a list of articles on ASML in chronological order.
Happy reading!

Best regards,
Mathilde van Hulzen

Yousef Bani Ahmad - 26-01-2024 18:37

I am absolutely not satisfied with this. I want to purchase, since I am in the United States shipping price is more expensive than two magazines. I wish you guys could provide a cheaper shipping method because there is a big community of semicon enthusiasts in the US who do not want to pay 3.2 X the price of the magazine.